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New parquetry and wood floor laying

Our range of flooring services includes laying / installation of various types of wood flooring and floorboards, parquetry and hardwood floors, floating floors, sub-floor preparation, leveling, finishing and repairing.

Simply, if we had to list all services provided regularly by GM Flooring wood floor fitters, it would look something like this: New Parquet Laying and Supply Brisbane & Gold Coast, Solid Wood Flooring Installation, Sub-floor Leveling and Preparation, New Hardwood Floor Laying Brisbane & Gold Coast, New Parquetry Installation and Supply, New Floating Floor Installation, All Aspects on New Wood Flooring Fitting, etc…

One of the most important and integral aspects of the new wooden floors installation is sub-floor preparation. Way before we get to the laying of your new hardwood floorboards, there are several important steps in order to ensure proper and long lasting floor installation.

Dust and condition control

Dust can be, and generally is a major problem that needs to be addressed before any laying begin. This means that all subfloors need to be properly dusted – cleanness is very important to achieve proper adhesion.

We take utmost care as well as using latest fitters equipment and machines which is almost entirely dust free, never the less, small amount of dust are eventually released, so we can not afford to be too careful.

Air humidity level and Sub-floors Moisture is also one of the major reasons for unsuccessful floor installations in Brisbane & the Gold Coast. Proper care must be taken to avoid running the risk of ending up with damaged flooring much sooner than you may think.

Several things relates to the issue. Firstly, clean and dry is a must. The flooring itself must be acclimatised to the local environment and equalise with moisture and temperature levels in your house. Third, you need to check and make sure all pipes are in a fair condition. Finally, the temperature 18-28C with relative humidity of 30-60% is generally ideal for laying.

Underlay is very important, especially with floating floors installation, since it helps obtaining even surface, temperature isolation, as well as reducing sounds of footsteps.

For hardwood floors, it is strongly recommended to install shock-absorbing underlay.

Parquet floors installation

Fitting Parquet Flooring Blocks

Parquet flooring blocks can be laid variety of patterns, GM Flooring representative will guide you trough process of choosing your preferred design. He will also ask whether you want the design to extend from wall-to-wall or you to have the pattern surrounded with a lining of parquet flooring blocks that runs in single or two blocks border.

Instead of parquet flooring blocks, border can also be made out of solid wood flooring planks fashioned in various width in order to give a more subtle and neater look. Border can also be fitted with a mix of different wood species, emphasising color contrast with the overall flooring.

Parquet installation generally starts with measurements and planing/design of the main lines, upon that will fit the main patterns. Unlike solid wood installation, fitting of new parquet flooring is performed in stages, and generally each stage is finished in separate days. This is mostly due to the wood floor adhesive, as it has operational drying time which is why the next stage has to wait until it’s properly hardened. This is the reason why proper installation can be quite lengthy.