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Timber floor sanding and polishing Brisbane

We offer top quality floor sanding and polishing service anywhere in Brisbane. Hire the professionals with workmanship skills that can only be gained by 25 years of experience.

Timber polished floors are always in style and if done by GM Flooring company, they will become beautiful focal points of any family home. Once you decide to have your timber floor sanded you’ll have to make few choices; firstly what finish or color of stain or varnish you would like for your floors. Our friendly staff will assist and guide you through through the prices and help you decide most suitable options.

Floor Sanding Brisbane & Gold Coast

After they remove old carpets some people are discouraged after finding their timber floor boards look a bit worn, discoloured and with moisture patches. Don’t be alarmed, the sanding process takes the floor down few millimeters as well as we can patch boards to a very high standard. If you are still unsure, simply call GM Flooring and we can help you find out if your floor is good enough to sand.

Book our free of charge assessment to have one of our timber floor sanding specialist give you accurate advice as well as the price, and then it is up to you if you wish to go ahead or not.

Wooden floors are far easier to keep dust free and clean, not to mention worrying about stains from spilled food and drinks, any spill can easily be simply wiped of with the paper towel.

Floorboards staining and varnish

Staining of wooden floors can help matching floors with the rest of interior or achieve desired overall visual effect. There many different ways of changing the colour and pigment of the timber floors with few limitations, mostly dependant on timber and flooring type you have.

Wood Stains Palette

Why should I sand and polish my floors?

Nothing can be compared with the beautiful look of freshly renovated and polished hardwood or softwood floorboards. The genuine, authentic feeling of the old, dry timber, the wood restoration process which includes; floorboards sanding and polishing can hardly be replaced by newly laid solid timber floors or parquet flooring. Whether it is a contemporary new house, a Victorian terraced or country cottage, you can not go wrong with choosing wood floor restoration.

Besides the look of your new polished floors, there are some other advantages and reasons you should consider if you deciding should you restore your wooden floors:

Majority of real estate agents and landlords in Brisbane & Gold Coast agree that properties with sanded and polished wooden floors achieve better prices, whether you looking to rent out or sell.


Carpets are a factor in the aggravation and triggering of asthma and allergic reactions.


Floorboards are easy to keep clean – a broom or mop will do the trick. Carpeted floors require constant vacuuming. This involves time assembling, disassembling, vacuuming (which takes much longer than sweeping) and shampooing.

Dirt / Dust

Carpeted floors gather dirt that can’t completely be removed. Polished floors can easily be cleaned.


Carpets and similar plastic coverings we all know, generally last far less than floorboards, carpets will likely be changed many times before the floorboards it lays on.

Environmental Impact

It may seam like a far fetched idea but the reality is that every year several hundred tons of used carpets and underlays ends up at the landfill. Vacuuming and steam cleaning is well known to use a substantial amount of electricity and with carpets in the house you are most likely to vacuum every day.

Lets multiply that by over million households in Greater Brisbane & Gold Coast area alone, not to mention tens of millions across Australia and the figures are astronomical. Consequently it also leads to the increase of the electricity price which bring us to the last but not least reason to have you Wood Floors Sanded and Polished.


There’s no doubt that in this day and age the cost and price of living affects all of us and as we can see from above carpets and old deteriorated floor boards are costly and will need to be replaced due to wearing, tearing and fading. Properly sealed, Sanded and Polished Floorboards are hardy and may last for decades.

There is no need for vacuum cleaners, carpet deodorisers, nasty chemicals or steam cleaning. You will save on vacuum replacements and repairs, electricity, bags, the purchase of cleaning products and paying for or hiring the nasty steam cleaners. At the end even the “most powerful” broom and mop only uses just a little bit of human energy.