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Why choose gm flooring

GM Flooring is proven Brisbane floor sanding company with an extensive experience and competitive prices. Satisfied clients and recommendations say great deal about us. We’ve been providing flooring services including: restoration of solid wood floor, floor sanding and polishing, parquet floor restoration, pine floorboards renovation, including floor repairs, staining, gap filling and sealing with varnish.

Wood flooring is our speciality and when it comes to floor restoration and we know every secret of the trade.

Floor and stairs sanding, polishing and flooring in general is a craft that takes a while to master and become confident as we are. Transforming the appearance and look of rusty floorboards or 100 years old parquet into very fine, beautiful floor or returning them to its former glory of shiny and smooth polishing finish, feels great and our happy customers satisfied by high degree of workmanship and reasonable and appropriate price is a reward on it own.

Our advantages

If you asked us to describe and summarise in 2 words the difference between GM Flooring and other flooring companies in Brisbane, that would be EXTRA MILE. Flooring isn’t about striping and coating alone; it is about the professional service and advice that you will receive from GM Flooring experts. Suggestions and honest recommendations about; Stains, Varnish, Oil, Color Pigment or Waxing.

GM Flooring is a family run business, we always deliver reliable, friendly, experienced and professional workmanship.

Our promise

Bringing Polish To Polishing…
Our Offer and Promise to all our customers in Brisbane;

Free Assessment and Quotes

We will personally visit you, listen to your requirements, examine your floors and give professional and honest treatment recommendations, obligation FREE. What ever type of wooden floor, staircase, new parquetry laying, restoration of old or new, hardwood or softwood, we can give you a quote and provide best possible flooring, sanding and polishing price in Brisbane.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Prices

We have set a guidelines list of floor polishing prices as well as for every job in the floor restoration process but we know every job is different and it’s about client not about us. Your flooring quotation will be personalised and customised considering the budget while trying to achieve best results following your needs and requirements. You choose the type and amount of work that will best fit your budget – without nasty surprises.

Attention to Detail

We promise that all stair restoration and flooring service’s carried out will look great, finished to best possible result and most importantly, it will be done exactly you require and instruct us.

Minimal Dust and Noise

Sanding, polishing, stairs restoration is generally very dusty and noisy process. From nail knocking to using the machines, you are sure to hear/know we’re working. Old-fashioned machines blow dust that linger for days but our modern machines have specially attached bags which remove up to 90% of the dust, far superior and efficient compared to conventional sanding systems. We further keep dust down by frequent vacuuming and keeping the work-site clean and tidy.

Our sanders go all the way up to the edge of the floor and only few millimeters under the skirting board. Leaving no trace of sanding marks while creating smooth, pristine finish.

Call us and speak to a real person and get real results right now.